Why Choose First National Real Estate Lewis Prior?

Why Choose Lewis Prior?

The first response you expect from a real estate agency is to make all the normal claims:- “We are the best”, “We are number one” etc. We don’t make such claims as we believe our clients are the only ones qualified to make these statements. What we will promise is that when you engage us to sell your property, our aim is always to make YOU our number one priority, ‘We Put You First’.
Our philosophy is very simple, without you, the client, we do not have a business. Our company culture recognises that real estate services are more about people than bricks and mortar. So when it comes to the way we work as a team, the service we provide and the results we achieve – ‘We Put You First’!

By Working as a Team – We Put You First!

Our team of sales consultants, property managers and administration staff are all trained and experienced in ensuring that you, the client, are number one. Whether it be common courtesy, a ‘nothing is too hard’ attitude, the provision of accurate information and advice or our commitment to thorough and regular communication. 'We Put You First' every time.

In the Services we Provide – We Put You First!

Local Knowledge - Good advice is the first step to a good sale. As the saying goes, "When you need good advice, ask a local”. We are proud of the local area where we have worked for 30 years. Our knowledge of the area and our relationship with the local Council and its planning regulations, puts us in a position to assist our clients better than most. With the advantage of good local knowledge and expertise ‘We Put You First’.

First National Strength

Our membership of the First National Group of Companies means access to over 300 other offices throughout Australia and New Zealand. The strength of this network ensures that our services to you are backed and supported by quality training programs, the latest technology, and extensive referral network.

Our Advertising Policy

We are not in the business of selling advertising. Our ability to provide you with the latest and most effective marketing strategies including various property websites, HYPERLOCAL (Programatic marketing), Social Media etc, is not compromised by our commitment to ensure that you get the best result in the most cost effective manner. Our personal marketing plans are tailored to suit you and your property and backed up by our exclusive Stress Free Selling Guarantee. By ensuring your peace of mind in the selling process ‘We Put you First’.

Our Pricing Policy

It is always our policy to achieve the best possible price for our clients. In doing so, our commitment to you is three fold:

1.    We will never knowingly over price your property simply to secure the business. Providing you with good advice on price and providing evidence to support that price is an essential starting point for a good sale.

 2.    We will always respect your right to set the asking price. Having made recommendations on price it will always be your decision as to how the property will be marketed.

 3.    We will always support your price 100% in the market place. When buyers make enquiries on a property they often seek further information on what the Vendor expects. By always supporting your price. - We Put You First.

Our Communication Policy

We know how important it is that you be kept informed during the sale process. Our communication policies ensure that this happens without fail – Guaranteed!

Quality Assurance - Our Best Practice Policy

Based on international standards our Best Practice policies and procedures ensure that our customer services are constantly monitored and improved. We are proud of our Gold Status in this regard and know it is valued by our clients. Seeking regular feedback from our clients and listening to what they want means We Put You First.

In the Results we Achieve We Put You First

Results are not just about price but include things like the professional manner in which the sale was negotiated, the communication process and the satisfaction of the Client with that process. Our reputation is our best recommendation when it comes to results. So the best we can do is let some of our happy clients sing our praises.

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