Is your yard TOO BIG?

Are You Tired Of Your Backyard?

Quite often in our busy lives it is easy to look out upon the expanse of our Big Back Yard and decide that it is just all becoming too much to handle.

The really good news is that your BIG BACK YARD can be worth BIG BUCKS. This means that people who have no further use for their big back yard may have some very rewarding options.

Over many years Lewis Prior First National has established a reputation as a local agent who knows more than most about developing large allotments and subdividing corner allotments. 

This knowledge has helped many people who initially found the idea of selling all, or part, of their property very daunting, the opportunity to change their lifestyle by reducing the burden of their Big Back Yard. 

Even more remarkable are some extraordinary sale prices that have been achieved for these properties with some shrewd advice that has enabled the owners to fulfil their dreams.

There are a number of ways that you may be able to benefit from selling your BIG BACK YARD:-

  1. You may be able to subdivide your block and sell the vacant land enabling you to stay in your family home. This option is of special interest for those who live on corner blocks or wide allotments.
  2. You may be able to subdivide your block, build a new easycare home for yourself on the vacant land and sell your original home.
  3. Alternatively you may choose to sell your entire property for a higher price than you expected as a unit site without having the hassle of Open Inspections or the need to spend a lot of money in the preparation for a sale.
  4.  Timber framed and ex Housing Trust homes are in extremely high demand for their development potential for courtyard homes.
If you are finding your BIG BACK YARD too much to handle, call our Home Help Line today on 8358 0555. All enquiries will be confidential and handled with enthusiasm and professionalism.

We have an extensive list of qualified buyers seeking corner blocks, large allotments and timber framed ex Housing Trust homes with potential to subdivide or re-develop.

Your Home May Be Worth More Than You Think !